The Vision

The View

Upon their arrival, visitors to Centennial Park will note the fence surrounding, the park perimeter, which will provide security in the evenings and visibility during the day. 

Paul Harris, founder of Rotary International. 

The History

Once inside, visitors will stroll the paved walkways stopping to read from historic-recapping signage among the gardens. 

Each will be dedicated to a specific decade dating back 100 years and tells two stories of historical significance: the history, accomplishments and growth of Rotary in Hawaii since 1915 plus notable Rotary International achievements and an historical account of important events and an overview of the interesting and intriguing transformation of Waikiki during this same 100-year period. 

Park visitors, both local and international, will learn and gain a perspective available in no other venue in the world.

For over 100 years Rotarians have dedicated themselves to bettering the lives of children and families. Centennial Park will be a testament to the Rotarian commitment of making a better world. 

The Culture

Centennial Park will be a place of vibrancy and culture! An elevated grass performance area will be the site of Hawaiian storytelling, keiki hula events, musical performances, halau practices, Tai Chi and many other cultural and educational activities.

The Gardens

In the true spirit of Rotary, the perimeter garden areas will be prepared and planted by Rotarians under the watchful eye of professional landscaping experts.

A combination of native and colorful species will be selected to provide a lush groundcover and beautiful shade trees.

The "Grand Lawn"

Centennial Park will be the only open, green-space within central Waikiki.

An expansive “Grand Lawn” will allow room for children to run, play and enjoy quality time with family and friends. New trees and new plantings will provide shade and comfort for picnics and leisure activities.

The sense of unity in the creation of Centennial Park represents Rotary’s International mission of bringing people together to promote peace, humanity and the spirit of “Service Above Self”.

Landscape Plan

Thanks to you … this will be the future of a more welcoming Waikiki!

Rotarians will transform a nearly one-acre undeveloped lot bordered by Royal Hawaiian Avenue, Aloha Drive, Manukai Street and Seaside Avenue in central Waikiki into a public ‘pocket’ park.  Centennial Park will include grass lawns, a performance mound, trees, pedestal seating, and historical information celebrating the history of Waikiki and a century of Rotary in Hawaii.

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